SMA Tripower 20000 mrežni pretvarač SMA

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Technical Specifications Sunny Tripower 20000-TLEE-10

General information
Model: Sunny Tripower 20000-TLEE-10
Protection type: IP 65
Security: n/a
Operating temperature range (CEC): -25°C – +60°C
Type designation: Trafolos
Noise emission: n/a
Height: 680 [mm]
Width: 665 [mm]
Depth: 265 [mm]
Weight: 45 [kg]
RS 232: no
RS 485: no
Ethernet: no
Details: incl. Bluetooth
Input current
Rated output: n/a
Maximum power: n/a
Maximum power tracking window: 580 [V] – 800 [V]
Maximum voltage: 1000 [V]
Max. input current: 36 [A]
DC input: 6
Number of MPP trackers: 1
Voltage: 400 [V]
Nominal capacity: 20000 [W]
Max. capacity: 20000 [W]
European efficiency: 98.2 [%]
Max. efficiency: 98.5 [%]
Number of string feeds: 3
Display: n/a
1-phase mains monitoring: ja
Harmonic distortion: n/a
1-phase mains monitoring: n/a


21.400,00 kn