Pločasti kolektor TISUN FM-S 2m2

Pločasti kolektori TISUN – MADE IN AUSTRIA


Module Collector FM

Solar Keymark
Solar collectors : Module Collector FM

TiSUN‘s “small” collector is suitable for all purposes. It can be fitted easily and quickly both vertically and horizontally, can be integrated into all roof types and can also be used for freestanding and on-roof installations. Suitable mounting systems are available for every type of roofing or with weather-resistant frames for freestanding units in the TiSUN range. Installation of the internal piping and connection of the collectors is easy to carry out by hand.


  • In-roof installation
  • On-roof installation – tiles, plain tiles, slate, Spanish tiles, tin roofing
  • Freestanding installation


  • High efficiency due to PVD coating, laser welding and meander system (absorption 94%)
  • Simple and quick installation for all applications (in-roof, on-roof and freestanding units as a standard feature for 15 different roof types)
  • Long service life due to robust, temperature- and weather-resistant construction and materials
  • Weather-resistant anthracite powder-coated aluminium frame construction with aluminium sandwich rear panel
  • Low heat losses, high insulation values
  • Ten-year guarantee
  • Solar Keymark certification guarantees high quality
  • Great expertise with 20 years of experience


2.990,00 kn