Fronius IG Plus 120-trofazni

Technical Data

INPUT DATA Fronius IG Plus 120 V-3
DC maximum power at cos ?=1 10590 W
Max. input current 46.0 A
Max. input voltage 600 V
MPP voltage range 230 – 500 V
AC nominal output at cos ?=1 10000 W
Max. output power 10000 VA
Max. output current 14.5 A
Max. efficiency 95.9 %
Euro. efficiency 95.4 %
MPP adaption efficiency > 99.9 %
Grid connection 3~NPE 400 V / 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Harmonic distortion < 3 %
Power factor 0.85 – 1 ind. / cap.
Night consumption < 1 W
Dimensions (height x width x depth) 1263 x 434 x 250 mm
Weight 49.2 kg
Degree of protection IP 54**
Inverter concept HF transformer
Cooling Regulated air cooling
Installation indoor and outdoor installation
Ambient temperatur range From -20°C to +55°C
Permitted humidity 0 % to 95 %
DC insulation measurement Warning/shutdown (depending on country setup) at Riso < 500 kOhm
Overload behavior Operation point shift, power limiter
DC circuit breaker integrated

Equipment features

Grounding on site.

You decide on site, whether or not you want or need to ground the modules. Insert fuse, activate the software – grounding is complete.


For inside and out.

All Fronius IG Plus devices have a robust, well-designed metal housing. UV-resistance and corrosion-protection enable them to be used both inside and out.


Integrated DC disconnect.

No additional installation or cabling is necessary. The highest comfort and safety as per DIN-VDE 0100-712.


The new power plug system.

The connection area and power modules are installed seperately from each other. Very easy, very safe: The connection area is attached to the wall as normal. Then the power module is simply plugged in. The power plug connects both parts into one secure unit. When service is required, the connector remains on the wall – all settings and configurations remain untouched.


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